Scientific cooperation

Participation in integration of science and education

1. Scientific-educational complex:

  • Scientific-educational complex between TITLP MVSSO, IMSS and IHFP of AS of RUz, the Articles are worked out and joint studies with 3 faculties of these Institutes are organized TITLP MVSSO, IMSS and IHFP of AS of RUz;
  • Scientific-educational complex between TASI, faculty «Engineering mechanics and seismic stability of structures» and IMSS AS RUz, laboratory «Seismodynamics of underground and ground structures»;
  • Innovation corporative agreement on cooperation with TASI, faculty «Bridges and tunnels of transport» and IMSS AS RUz, laboratory «Seismodynamics of underground and ground structures».

2. Scientific- training center:

  • faculty filial «Mining» и «Mining electro-mechanics»of Navoi State Mining Institute;
  • faculty filial «Bridges and tunnels of transport», «Technology of automobile building», «Transport facilities and reconstruction of technological equipment» of Tashkent Automobile-Road Institute;
  • faculty filial «Industrial and urban electric transport» of Tashkent Institute of Transport Engineers;
  • faculty filial «Theoretical mechanics» and «Resistance of materials and theory of mechanisms and machines» of Tashkent State Technical University.

3. What real activities are carried out on integration of science into educational processes

The Institute establishes creative contacts, there exist agreements on cooperation (total -12) faculties filial were organized with leading Universities technical higher educational institutions of the Republic to fulfill joint scientific-research works and to train the personnel of high qualification. 16 researchers of the Institute are delivering lectures and leading practical studies in special courses, publishing text-books and training handbooks for the students of higher educational institutions of the Republic.