Scientific laboratories

Laboratory «Dynamics, strength of machines and cotton-harvesting apparatus».
Main directions of research: Theory of mechanisms and machines. Dynamics, strength of machines. Scientific studies in agricultural machine-building. Methods of rational design and estimation of machines and apparatus, concerning agricultural and transport machine-building.

Laboratory  «Mechanics of mechanisms and machines».
Main directions of research: Theory of mechanisms and machines. Analysis and synthesis of mechanisms, development of the theory of mechanisms, machines and systems of machines, development of scientific basis of design on new techniques and technology for agricultural, textile, light, leather-shoemaking and fur industries.

Laboratory «Seismodynamics of underground and ground structures»
Main directions of research: Mechanics of deformable rigid bodies. Seismodynamics of underground and ground structures. Theoretical-experimental studies of strength and seismodynamics of buildings and structures under dynamic effect.

Laboratory «Dynamics of soils, modeling of complex loading».
Main directions of study: Mechanics of deformable rigid body. Fundamental and applied studies of deformation of soils and hydro-technical structures under static and dynamic loads. Experimental and theoretical studies of strength and strains in elements of a structures and buildings, fundamental problems of the theory of plasticity and numeric solution of the problem of mechanics of deformable rigid body.

Laboratory «Mechanics of fluids, gas and systems of hydro-drives».
Main directions of research: Mechanics of fluids, gas, multi-phase and multi-component media. Scientific directions are devoted to mechanics of multi-phase and multi-component media, to development of fundamental theory of motion and interaction of one- and multi-phase media, and to the theory of hydro-drives of machines in machine-building, automobile industry, non-linear dynamics, mechanical systems.

Other subdivisions:
Information-analytical market service, marifat, manaviat, library, personnel office, maintenance and financial-economical services.