Scientific council of the institute

Scientific council  of the Institute works on the basis of acting Articles of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Articles of the Institute and Regulations on Scientific Council of scientific-research institution of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Sessions of Scientific Councel are held monthly.

The list of members of Scientific Council of the Institute of Mechanics and Seismic Stability of Structures named after M.T.Urazbaev of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Surname, name, second name Occupied position Scientific degree and scientific title
1 Rizaev Anvar Abdullaevich (chairman) Director of the Institute D.t.s., Prof.
2 Sagdiev Khamidulla Sagdievich (deputy chairman) Deputy director on science work C.T.S., s.r.w..
3 Mukhammadiev Davlat Mustafaevich (scientific secretary) Scientific secretary of the Institute  C.T.S., s.r.w.
4 RashidovTursunbai Rashidovich Principal scientific worker Academician, D.T.S., professor
5 Mukhutdinova Rakhima Khusnutdinovna Principal scientific worker,Prof.
6 Sultanov Karim Sultanovich Principal scientific worker,Prof.
7 Amanov Tileubai Yuldashevich Principal scientific worker D.t.s., Prof.
8 Bakhodirov Gairat Atakhanovich Head of laboratory D.t.s.,Prof.
9 Salyamova Klara Djabbarovna Principal scientific worker D.t.s.,Prof.
10 Khromova Galina Alekseyevna Principal scientific worker D.t.s., Prof.
11 Pulatova Gulnara Mukhiddinovna Head of department of senior scientific workers- candidates